About us

Our team of teachers provide lessons that are specific to the individual needs of the client. MyLanguage has been operating since 2005. We seek to provide language teaching on a professional level in an effective and interesting way.

Our primary goal is your success.

Once we determine your level of knowledge and ability, we choose a teacher that will best suit you. The teacher then will prepare an individual teaching plan, and all of the teachers we employ are capable of adjusting the pace and style of the lessons to your needs. We understand that your time is valuable and we try to utilize the time in the most efficient way possible. We aim to provide courses of the highest quality, whether your goal is to improve your conversation English or to master the nuances of financial and banking English.

We will teach you how to communicate, not just how to repeat phrases or do exercises. We also realize that the cycle of learning and forgetting at the beginning is frustrating, and we focus on the continual improvement of our students who are at the beginner and "false beginner" stages.

If you really want to learn a language and how to use it naturally, why settle for an ordinary or average school or instructor? Be demanding.